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Coatings Projects

Desert Vista High School

Description: Skyline completed a $450,000 complete exterior paint job on the school campus. Per the school district’s request, the project was completed during normal school hours. Skyline crews worked around class schedules to ensure zero impact to students. All crew members carried GPS time track phones, providing added piece of mind to all students, parents and administrators.

  • Skyline Role: Painting Contractor
  • Construction Cost: $450,000
  • Construction Dates: December 2006 to February 2007
  • Project Owner: Tempe Unified School District
  • Reference Information: Rod Garder, 480-282-0916

Arizona State University

Description: Skyline has held a Job Order Contract with ASU for painting services since April 2003. Under this contract, Skyline has painted interior and exterior surfaces all over the campus, including Palo Verde dorm, Manzanita dorm, Sun Devil Stadium, Old Main, the Student Union, and the University Club. Skyline has applied both architectural and industrial coatings and has worked diligently around the schedules of these busy facilities. The contract has been extended five different times since the original contract.

  • Skyline Role: Painting Contractor
  • Construction Cost: $300,000 per year
  • Construction Dates: April 2003 to present
  • Project Owner: Arizona State University
  • Reference Information: Marion Singleton, 480-965-6032 • Tom Sassatelli, 480-965-2074

3800 and 4000 Shidler Group Building

Description: Skyline accomplished a complete exterior repaint of two high-rise buildings in the middle of downtown Phoenix while the facilities were in full operation. An eco-friendly stripper was used to remove the exterior paint before re-coating the buildings and a third-party safety engineer was utilized as an added precaution to ensure the safest possible project.

  • Skyline Role: Painting Contractor
  • Construction Cost: $1,200,000
  • Construction Dates: May 2007 to September 2007
  • Project Owner: The Shidler Group
  • Reference Information: Danny Swancey, 602-257-0070

Tempe Town Lake Bridge

Description: Skyline expertly handled a complete exterior protective coating on the Tempe Town Lake Light Rail Bridge for PCL Civil Contractors. Skyline applied the special protective coating while passing every stage of inspection throughout the job. A portion of the project was coated in the fabrication yard in Coolidge, Arizona, while the majority of the project was completed after the bridge was erected over Tempe Town Lake.

  • Skyline Role: Painting Contractor
  • Construction Cost: $468,000
  • Construction Dates: December 2005 to August 2006
  • Project Owner: PCL Civil Contractors
  • Reference Information: Shayne Waldron, 602-717-7231

Construction Projects

Total Transit, Inc.

Description: Complete interior renovation of an 8,000 square foot occupied office space serving as the operational hub for both Discount Cab and MediTrans. This work was completed around the owner’s schedule, allowing for minimal impact to the operation of the facility. Skyline employed both its in-house staff and selected subcontractors to coordinate the project from start to finish.

  • Skyline Role: Construction Manager at Risk
  • Construction Cost: $525,000, with an additional $250,000 in owner purchased equipment and furnishings that Skyline coordinated.
  • Construction Dates: September to December 2005
  • Project Owner: Craig Hughes
  • Reference Information: Michael Pinckard, 602-200-5500 • Jim Stenger, 602-200-5500

Automated Data Processing (ADP)

Description: Complete interior renovation and structural remodel of 10,000 square foot mixed-use facility. This project was completed in phases in order to work around the moving schedule of the tenant. Skyline completed the entire project without interrupting even one hour of productivity at the facility.

  • Skyline Role: Construction Manager at Risk, with Design Services
  • Construction Cost: $573,000
  • Construction Dates: February to December 2005
  • Project Owner: ADP
  • Reference Information: Randy Schover, Manager, 602-721-2055 • Art Johnson, Senior Project Manager, 973-994-5000

RKS Plumbing and Mechanical

Description: Complete build-out of an 8,000 square foot existing shell. This project was accomplished in an expedited 85-day schedule to allow the owner to move in the first week of December.

  • Skyline Role: Construction Manager at Risk, with Design Services
  • Construction Cost: $1,200,000
  • Construction Dates: September to November 2006
  • Project Owner: Robert Sornsin
  • Reference Information: Robert Sornsin, Owner, 602-996-1866 • Joe Stachel, Vice President, 602-996-1866

Cranial Technologies

Description: A 9,000 square foot remodel of an occupied medical manufacturing plant. The facility produces medical headgear for children with cranial abnormalities and products must be designed, manufactured, and shipped within three days. Skyline maintained the critical path of the schedule for this project to ensure no interruption in the operation of the facility – not even one minute of productivity was lost.

  • Skyline Role: Construction Manager at Risk, with Design Services
  • Construction Cost: $558,000
  • Construction Dates: January to July 2008
  • Project Owner: Cranial Technologies
  • Reference Information: Tim Littlefield, 480-505-1840 ext. 232