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Coatings Projects

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Summer Projects 2023

Description: Complete coating seven interior and five exterior elementary, middle and high schools complete campuses. This project was completed through the rapid expansion of manpower through our relations with the local painter’s union to run enough qualified crews to complete work at all locations in tandem.

  • Skyline Role: Painting Contractor
  • Construction Cost: $1,177,015.19
  • Construction Dates: 1/26/23-7/28/23
  • Project Owner: Deer Valley Unified School District
  • Reference Information: Jeff Long, 602-467-5020

Desert Financial Center Exterior Complete

Description: Complete exterior coating, including replacement of concrete block and weatherization grade caulking. Skyline has painted interior and exterior surfaces all over the campus, including Palo Verde dorm, Manzanita dorm, Sun Devil Stadium, Old Main, the Student Union, and the University Club. Skyline has applied both architectural and industrial coatings and has worked diligently around the schedules of these busy facilities.

  • Skyline Role: Painting Contractor
  • Construction Cost: $256,122.42
  • Construction Dates: 7/16/21-9/28/21
  • Project Owner: Arizona State University
  • Reference Information: Brian Sloat, 480-727-9601

Explorer Middle School Interior

Description: Complete interior paint job on the school gymnasium. Per the school district’s request, the project was completed during normal school hours. Skyline crews worked around class schedules to ensure zero impact to students. All crew members carried GPS time track phones, providing added piece of mind to all students, parents and administrators.

  • Skyline Role: Painting Contractor
  • Construction Cost: $181,828.04
  • Construction Dates: 3/11/22-7/25/22
  • Project Owner: Paradise Valley Unified School District
  • Reference Information: Joe Ramire, 602-826-6965

Ironwood Ridge HS Gym and Auditorium

Description: Complete interior repaint of the school’s gymnasium and auditorium. The owner’s objective of modernizing their spaces with current aesthetics was met by Skyline through a coordinated and cohesive plan to bring all elements of the auditorium and gymnasium into their desired image.

  • Skyline Role: Painting Contractor
  • Construction Cost: $133,823.68
  • Construction Dates: 3/15/23-8/22/23
  • Project Owner: Amphitheater Public Schools
  • Reference Information: Kevin Chester, 520-696-5150

Construction Projects


District Wide Alhambra Restrooms Remodel

Description: Complete renovation of all restroom facilities across 14 district-wide locations. This project was accomplished through owner cooperation to stage scheduling on a location-by-location basis to assure normal operations of facilities were not interrupted. Skyline employed both its in-house staff and selected subcontractors to coordinate the project from start to finish.

  • Skyline Role: Job Order Contractor
  • Construction Cost: $ 1,567,122.07
  • Construction Dates: 5/12/22-2/16/23
  • Project Owner: Alhambra Elementary School District
  • Reference Information: Matt Shields, 602-336-2979

Fire Lane Concrete Replacement

Description: Complete demolition and replacement of over 18,000 square feet of exterior concrete at the Scottsdale Community College campus. This project was completed with preservation and improvements to existing features of the campus, including grading, fencing, bike racks, hatches, and the retention of existing trees inside of the working areas. Skyline completed the entire project without interrupting even one hour of productivity at the facilities.

  • Skyline Role: Job Order Contractor
  • Construction Cost: $ 591,364.85
  • Construction Dates: 3/20/23-9/8/23
  • Project Owner: Maricopa Community College District
  • Reference Information: Anthony Miele, 480-425-6414

City Hall Basement

Description: Complete remodel of an occupied office space, creating new walls, doorways, and cubical spaces. This project was completed in an expedited 6-week schedule to allow facilities staff uninterrupted access to regular facilities and a faster integration to improved spaces.

  • Skyline Role: Job Order Contractor
  • Construction Cost: $8,345.72
  • Construction Dates: 10/18/23-11/28/23
  • Project Owner: City of Peoria
  • Reference Information: Marcus Reed, 623-773-7290

South Precinct Reception Remodel Rev-1

Description: Complete interior renovation of precinct reception lobby and associated office areas. This project was completed in phases in order to work around the schedule of the owner. Skyline maintained the critical path of the schedule for this project to ensure no interruption in the operation of the facility – not even one minute of productivity was lost.

  • Skyline Role: Job Order Contractor
  • Construction Cost: $25,748.62
  • Construction Dates: 5/12/21-12/31/21
  • Project Owner: City of Phoenix
  • Reference Information: Eric Kaufman, 602-206-6112

Cooperative Contracts

City of Peoria

Construction & Paint Trade Services JOC


Arizona State University

Construction & Paint Services JOC

2022 JOC Agreement

Purchasing Cooperative of America

Construction & Paint Services JOC

PCA OD-387-23

Arizona Department of Administration & Gordian

Construction & Paint Services JOC


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