About Skyline Builders & Restoration

As a family-owned operation, we specialize in General Construction and Painting services. Our commitment goes beyond brick and mortar; we are in the business of revitalizing spaces and, by extension, communities.

What Sets Us Apart: More Than Just a Construction Company


Ability to Work in Occupied Spaces

One of our unique capabilities is performing high-quality construction and renovation work in occupied premises. This means zero interruptions to your regular operations. We understand the intricacy of your daily routines and are equipped to work around them seamlessly.


Family-Owned, Local, and Invested

Our team isn’t just local; they’re a part of the community they serve. This ensures that our projects aren’t just about building walls but about building relationships and, ultimately, trust.

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Job Order Contracting Specialists

With specialized expertise in Job Order Contracting (JOC), we provide swift and reliable solutions for your construction needs. Our JOC proficiency enables us to cut through the bureaucratic red tape faster, initiating projects with minimal delays.


Personalized Customer Relationships

We prioritize the development of robust, personal customer relationships. This customer-centric approach allows us to fully understand your needs, thereby executing projects that meet, and often exceed, expectations.


Our Mission: Revitalizing Spaces, Renewing Communities

We aim to transform and revitalize spaces in a manner that aligns with the ethos and needs of the public entities we serve. From schools to government buildings, our mission is to not just renovate but also to breathe new life into every project we handle.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Al Barton

  • Facilities and Services Manager, Residential Life
  • Arizona State University, Tempe Campus

"In the last two years, Skyline has completed over 24 jobs for ASU, all of which I coordinated directly. They’re a very courteous and professional organization that offers excellent results and they’ve proven to be a great asset to me… as well as Arizona State University."

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Radika Subra

  • Retired
  • Former Facilities Administrator for ADOT

"I had the pleasure of working with Skyline on many remodel projects at the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) for the past 15 years. They are very cooperative, sincere and completed the projects on time."

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Tim McMahon

  • Contracts Coordinator
  • City of Scottsdale

"The craftsmanship, professionalism and cleanliness that Skyline employees displayed is exactly what we expect to receive from all of our contractors… but seldom do. They went above and beyond what we expected and ended up completing the project one week ahead of schedule. Every day they worked, there was no evidence left behind to show that they were even in that day. Everything was immaculate."

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Donna Funk

  • Plant Foreman
  • Desert Mountain School

"I wish to express my gratitude for the outstanding workmanship demonstrated by the painting team assigned to Desert Mountain Campus. I was extremely impressed by the quality and pride exhibited."

Meet Our Team

Our team comprises professionals who bring a rich tapestry of experience and skills to the table. Their collaborative efforts form the backbone of our high-quality services. With unwavering dedication and expertise, the Skyline Builders & Restoration crew is committed to executing your vision to perfection.


Sally Cohill

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

“We don’t take shortcuts – we do what we’re supposed to do.”

Sally and her husband Fred started working together in 1991, growing from a turnkey painting contractor for apartment interiors to the successful general contracting and coatings company it is today. Sally owns the majority share of the business, and is proud to call SBR a woman-owned company.


Fred Cohill


“We don’t just sit and rely on our past successes, we earn our reputation daily.”

As co-founder of Skyline Builders & Restoration, Fred has an impressive 38-year track record of success in the construction business. Author of the firm’s mission statement, Fred has been living its motto for nearly three decades. “We believe in honesty, integrity, determination and a willingness to give back by going the extra mile.

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Mike Lee


“We do whatever it takes.”

Mike says he was interested in working at Skyline Builders & Restoration because he liked what Sally and Fred Cohill had built and what they stood for.

He says the epitome of a Skyline Builders & Restoration employee is a person who does anything and everything they can. SBR clients benefit because there is always somebody available here who is willing to put the client’s needs first.

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Tony Cohill

Vice President of the Construction Division

“I’m always looking for the opportunity to hone my skills to keep myself and Skyline on the cutting edge.”

Tony’s dedication, confidence, and high level of customer satisfaction make him a natural leader at Skyline Builders & Restoration. From the day-to-day mechanics of the demanding Construction Division to his ability to effectively meet clients’ needs on time, Tony is committed to SBR’s continued growth and success.

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Casey Cohill

Vice President of the Coatings Division

“I’ve gotten some of the best workers in the industry – people who are honest, trustworthy and reliable. We get a lot of repeat business because of our staff.”

Casey believes what really sets SBR apart is ethics. We treat our people well and make them feel like they’re part of something. That results in better work. On the job, Skyline Builders & Restoration is committed to delivering what it promises: “We do what we say we’re going to do.”

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Stu Wines

Coatings Division Manager

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David Camps

Business Development & Client Relations


Scott Jagger

Director of K-12


Uriel Arias

Director of Public Sector


ROC 107623 B-1

General Commerical Contractor

ROC 107643 B

General Residential Contractor

ROC 090130 CR-34

Specialty Dual Painting and Wall Covering

ROC 094077 CR-34

Specialty Dual Painting and Wall Covering

ROC 072610 CR-61

Specialty Dual Carpentry, Remodeling and Repairs

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