Skyline Builders and Restoration, Inc.

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Meet the Staff

Sally Cohill

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

staff-sally“We don’t take shortcuts – we do what we’re supposed to do.”

Sally and her husband Fred started working together in 1991, growing from a turnkey painting contractor for apartment interiors to the successful general contracting and coatings company it is today. Sally owns the majority share of the business, and is proud to call SBR a woman-owned company.

Fred Cohill


staff-fred“We don’t just sit and rely on our past successes, we earn our reputation daily.”

As co-founder of Skyline Builders & Restoration, Fred has an impressive 38-year track record of success in the construction business. Author of the firm’s mission statement, Fred has been living its motto for nearly three decades. “We believe in honesty, integrity, determination and a willingness to give back by going the extra mile.”

Mike Lee


staff-mike“We do whatever it takes.”

Mike says he was interested in working at Skyline Builders & Restoration because he liked what Sally and Fred Cohill had built and what they stood for.

He says the epitome of a Skyline Builders & Restoration employee is a person who does anything and everything they can. SBR clients benefit because there is always somebody available here who is willing to put the client’s needs first.

Tony Cohill

Vice President of the Construction Division

staff-tony“I’m always looking for the opportunity to hone my skills to keep myself and Skyline on the cutting edge.”

Tony’s dedication, confidence, and high level of customer satisfaction make him a natural leader at Skyline Builders & Restoration. From the day-to-day mechanics of the demanding Construction Division to his ability to effectively meet clients’ needs on time, Tony is committed to SBR’s continued growth and success.

Casey Cohill

Vice President of the Coatings Division

staff-casey“I’ve gotten some of the best workers in the industry – people who are honest, trustworthy and reliable. We get a lot of repeat business because of our staff.”

Casey believes what really sets SBR apart is ethics. We treat our people well and make them feel like they’re part of something. That results in better work. On the job, Skyline Builders & Restoration is committed to delivering what it promises: “We do what we say we’re going to do.”